Beyonce Covers Vogue’s September Issue

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Beyonce Knowles looks fierce and fabulous as she graces the highly coveted September issue cover of US Vogue. It is the single most important fashion issue of the popular style bible, and nobody deserves to be on the cover more than Queen Bey – the world’s most favorite superstar.

Photographed by Mario Testino, Beyonce is shown on the cover wearing a gorgeous Marc Jacobs dress that displayed her enviable figure.

Vogue gives us a taste of the cover story by Margo Jefferson on the magazine’s official website:

It used to be that the great pop stars with fashion and style gave us small variations on one grand theme. Tina Turner: minidresses and honey tresses. Janis Joplin: boas, bangles, and bell-bottoms. Cher: spangled striptease getups with mythic Third World touches. Nowadays fashion isn’t about the grand theme, it’s about juxtaposition, and it’s filled with allusions to movie and art history; to music and dance styles; to iconographies of race and ethnicity, religion and gender. Madonna opened the door to this collage approach. Today we see it in the wigs, masks, and sculpted costumes of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, the restless dazzle of Rihanna’s couture choices. And, of course, in the music, dance, decor, and looks of the ultimate streamed collage: Beyoncé.

Check out the preview of the September issue, including testimonials from prominent designers about Vogue‘s latest cover star, here.

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