Back to School Show: College Student Fashion Finds

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As a college gal, I know the importance of finding that perfect combination of stylish and comfortable.

Go to just about any university campus, and you’ll find a melting pot of everything from extremely comfy (we’re talking sweatpants here) to mini skirts and blazers. There are absolutely no style rules.

Because of the lack of fashion authority, you can try on new trends and wear them without judgment…

And even if they do judge… really… who cares?

In her new YouTube video, clothesencounters is running down her top Monday-Friday college looks. The show is short, but it’s sure to inspire, whether you’re college-bound or not.

Top student fashion finds include:

  • sweaters and skinny jeans
  • ankle boots
  • Nikes (casual kicks are a must for school!)
  • chunky boots
  • Mom jeans (she manages to pull them off beautifully!)
  • an extra long tunic
  • and much more!

Are you ready for the show? Check it out on the next page, then we’ll take a peek at some pieces you can purchase & put on right now!

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